Excellent Customer Service - Audio Venue


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A few months ago I bought an Ex-demo pair of ProAc D20R speakers from Audio Venue https://www.audiovenue.uk/ dealing with Darren

They arrived and the courier had damaged them, I spoke to them and they immediately said they'd arrange to pick them up and do a refund ..... the other speaker then got damaged on the way back.

I decided I wanted a pair anyway and couldn't find any other Ex-Demo's anywhere so went back and ordered a new pair from them, they drove them down from Maidenhead and dropped them off to me south of Chichester so a long journey.

The other night I had a problem which later turned out to be my amplifier but in trying to find out what the issue was took the grills off the speakers and noticed they were both right hand ones .... this was having had them for 4 months. When they were delivered they come with the grills on, I took the front off one to see which side it was and placed the other the opposit side and had no cause to check them until I had the problem.

I rang and spoke to Darren and he asked for a photo to be e-mailed, he virtually instantly came back to me and said he'd spoken with ProAc who were sending them a replacement pair which they've driven all the way down here again today and delivered and picked up the others.

Never throughout either of these incidents was there any question or hesitation but just excellent customer service for something that they'll probably not get any compensation for and didn't feel it could go by without me trying to do something to say thank you.

Anybody looking for new equipment, I really think they're worth checking out to see if it's something they keep in stock and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.