Cyrus ONE Linear speakers


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I'm sharing this in case anyone is looking for very affordable speakers that punch above their weight.

I've been very happy with my system for 6 months now, including the Mission QX1 MkIIs (which I still have). I've never tried the Denon with other speakers, and had dismissed the Cyrus ONE Linears that I still had stored away. I bought them back when I had a Cyrus ONE HD amplifier, and the rampant discounting on the speakers meant I didn't see any value in selling them on.

I've been using them in my current system over the past few days, and I'm taken aback by how good they are. They really do have a pretty linear frequency response, voiced almost like an old British monitor, and they also utilise a stepped-back baffle like Wharfedale do on their Heritage speakers. They're very natural and involving and I currently find them preferable to the Missions for this very reason. The packaging and drive units lead me to think that they are made to Cyrus' design by IAG, and in common with most things that come from there they are very nicely finished.

Anyway, I can see they're available for £150 now, and they're certainly better than anything else near that money. If your budget is tight but your expectations are fairly high they are well worth a try. They won't challenge the likes of Harbeth or ProAc for one moment, but they offer a lot at that price.


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Jun 5, 2023
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I concur.

The One Linears are one of the first blocks in my project to work up a good system after a long break from hifi, with used or open box offers. and Wiim Pro Plus have been part of that and IMO both have delivered unbelievable value.

The One Linears sounded decent with my soon to depart starter amp - a Pro-ject MaiA S3 - but they also scaled very up well with much improved bass and imaging paired with the used Sugden A21a Series 2 which is likely to replace the Project.


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