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Feb 4, 2020
Hi all,
I’d like to provide my little living room with “something” to both listen to music and to improve my TV audio. The sofa is just 2.5 meters from the TV. I have no much space behind the sofa too, so, thinking of a 5.1 setting, the read speakers should be more aside the sofa rather than behind it.

These are my current options:
1. Samsung HW-Q90R
2. Denon Soundabar DHT-S716H + Wireless Subwoofer + a couple of Denon Home 150 speakers to use also as rear speakers
3. Yamaha MusicCast 400 (with wireless subwoofer) + a couple of MusicCast 20 speakers to use also as rear speakers

Do you have any experiences with this equipment? How do they compare for music and tv watching? I think the first option will be the best one for 3D sound (Dolby Atmos™ support, ceiling firing speakers, etc.) but I appreciate also the wireless capability and the possibility to expand my gears to a multi-room system within the house.
So… what about the option 2? Is it a good arrangement to listen 5.1 cinema? Is it that worst compared to the Samsung one? What about the 3rd option? The MusicCast system should be the most versatile, but I don’t like the fact that the soundbar has just 2 channel and not 3 (like the Denon) or more like the Samsung.

Many thanks for your advices!
Regards, G.


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Oct 5, 2012
2.0 , 5.1 & Atmos large range of options depending on budget & do you want wired or need wireless
1/ Klipsch Bar soundbar & add wireless subwoofer & wireless surrounds or Denon Heos
2/ BP9000 if you have the budget - cinema in your front room
4 speakers + centre channel will give you a 5.4.4 Atmos system

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