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Nov 2, 2023
Hi Guys

.I just move to a new place and I have an old home theatre system. It's a Denon AV receiver and a Caton subwoofer and speakers set around the living room. I think they are like over 15 years old and I was wondering what to do with them.

Is the AVR still useful? Can I change the speakers to more modern looking ones? Can I get rid or change the subwoofer? It's huge and just sitting on the cabinet . I have very little knowledge of sound systems. Not looking to spend a lot of money on it . I was thinking of getting rid of it and just get a sound bar but the living room is huge and has got high ceilings . A soundbar might not suffice. Although I dont need amazing sound. literally just watching TV and playing some music and sound bar probably easier to operate. I have no idea how to work this set up.

Any help appreciated.



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Nov 16, 2021
hi, the amp is still useful very much so, though lacks a few mod cons like HDMI but its not really needed as tvs these days have all the HDMI's you can shake a stick at., Just use an optical cable to transmit sound to it.

I kind of find it hard to believe you had it 15 years and you dont know how to use it but any how.

If you dont want speakers all over the over the place and want a simpler life AND IF your room is sizeable as you say, id look for some floor standing speakers and just set the amp in stereo only. The budget doesn't have to be high and it would certainly be cheaper than any decent sound bar Sonos arc/ beam for example. not mention more room filling eg louder.

you can currently get some Q acoustics 3050i's for around 450 which is the cheaper than a beam gen 2

Get the the store to install if you can though very simple to do yourself red to red black to black , follow the manual to put the amp in stereo all mode and turn the other speaker channels off, sell the canto spjakers on eBay job done and enjoy.

Thats what what id do

if want to go down the sound bar route Sonos arc, if the room is big is your bear minimum.
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Feb 22, 2024
From the sounds of it (excuse he pun) was that old home theatre system in the room, before you shifted in?

As it may then simply only need you to hook your player into an aux port and have it working properly from the get go, or contact an audio serviceman close by, and see what he can do for you, without it costing too much.


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