sharp treble on bw 684? ?


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Nov 1, 2011
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I finally had a short demo of the 684s with some audiolab gear and loved em although with one or two cds, not my own i might add they sounded thin and tinny hopefully just the cds. Any way have read a few reviews which have all been good though some did state a harsh treble on some recordings just wondered how bad it is as my monos sound crisp and hoping this wont be a problem as ive set my heart on the 684s. Any help anyone? ?


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Nov 26, 2008
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I use to have the 684s. I did not find them bright. It may just be the recordings. The main problem these days, is that Hifi producers are making Hifi products sound so acurrate that in the wrong enviroment your system starts sounding thin & bright. Its a shame, cause hifi mags do the review test of these products in the right enviroment.

So what happens?, hifi companies produce products for reviews, instant of music enjoyment.

If U can, try any product you buy in your system in ur home enviroment.

All the best.


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