Question Setup progress and advice/recomendations for a Sub.


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Sep 19, 2022
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Hi again WhatHifi community.

I have recently compared 2 amps at home a Rotel A11 Tribute and the Audiolab 6000A.
I think i am going settle with the Audiolab to replace my Marantz pm 25.

It has totally redifined the Soundstage in the best way, made a lot more detail come out, highs became better and not harsh, percussion was spot on, the sound became fuller and more equal in a sense, and it handled everything i threw at it until now.

BUT i am still missing that full range low end and that extra bit of body to the sound LESS than before but i still feel like there is something missing.
I am overall very pleased with this and
this gave me insight that the speakers are keepers and are really great.

I am still going to replace my Turntable for the Project Debut Carbon Evo but a bit later on.

Now to the point:
I am researching Subs after finding out that Subs are a thing in the hifi world and i would really like to add one.
I have a Small to Medium room.
Id like a sub thats not extremly BASS-y but can still deliver that Oh Yeah to the Low-End especially in low Synth stuff or with someone using a bow on a bass, while blending in and being sophisticated.
And to improve the overall sound not just the bass.

My setup right now:

Audio Technica At lp120 + Nagaoka Mp-110
Audiolab 6000a Integrated Amp
B&W DM12 Speakers

Any advice and recomendations are welcome!

Thank you in advance.

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The REL T5/x or the SVS sb1000 Pro maybe worth looking at. I have the REL in a smallish room and it supplements the low frequencies from my Standmounts very nicely using the speaker outputs on my amp to the REL.

The SVS is worth a look; it only has the option of (from memory), using RCA sub leads, but does have built in DSP and a phone app to calibrate the sub from the comfort of your listening seat. I've not heard it personally, but there are many reviews out there. It was one of 2 I considered, but went for the REL in the end

Hope this helps - good luck 👍