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  1. KlausVinyl

    Question Setup progress and advice/recomendations for a Sub.

    Hi again WhatHifi community. I have recently compared 2 amps at home a Rotel A11 Tribute and the Audiolab 6000A. I think i am going settle with the Audiolab to replace my Marantz pm 25. It has totally redifined the Soundstage in the best way, made a lot more detail come out, highs became...
  2. SirBlacklist

    (Gaming/Music) Current: Focal Listen - Want to upgrade

    Hello! First-time poster but I've read through this forum a ton and decided my case is a bit different then what a lot of others posted or needed suggestions for. USE: Gaming/Music Gaming FPS Immersive Titles MMO's Music (all over the place but currently listening to;) Rush Tool The...