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  1. N

    Advice Sonos vs hifi

    Hi all, For a while I’ve been reading and watching YouTube videos on hifi sets. Currently I am using a Sonos 5.1 set, arc sub and one’s for both the tv and music. Bear in mind it’s true played and neutral EQ loudness off and the Sonos software makes the one and arcs low frequencies free to the...
  2. L

    Smart Hifi Bathroom Mirror Design Feedback

    Hi everyone, I am a product desing BSc student in my final year at university. I was wondering if you could provide feedback on my designs, purely from an aesthetics point of view, and tell me which on you prefer out of the five pictured. I have provided a google drive link, please let me know...
  3. ManFromKathmandu

    Question Need help connecting my integrated amp to the TV

    So I recently bought the Denon PMA600NE integrated amplifier for vinyl purposes. But it also has a great DAC and I thought I could connect it to my TV as well. But the problem is, my TV (Mi Horizon 4A) does not have digital out. It only has one SPDIF out which I am connecting to a small...
  4. lou_untitled

    Question Rega IO with subwoofer

    Hello everyone, I was wondering if it's possible to plug a subwoofer to the Rega IO since there's no LFE or SUB output. And if yes which one do you recommend and how do you do it ? I 've heard many things using Y connector and so on but this is confusing to me, I'm still pretty new to this. My...
  5. L

    Question PMC GB1 viable in 2021?

    Hi guys, I'm currently looking at putting together my first Hi-Fi system. I've been considering purchasing a second-hand PMC GB1. How do these speakers hold up today? Are they competitive with newer speakers that have been released within the last decade? My knowledge is very small so any advice...
  6. J

    What amp for my speaker and turntable

    I have inherited two Naim Credo Speakers and a Rega 2 turntable. What’s the cheapest way of getting this set up and started - with upgrades for another day. Ta
  7. F

    Is an external DAC really worth it?

    Hey all, I was browsing the other day just kinda skimming through some hi-fi pages and I came to question something: Is an external DAC worth it for digital media on a Hi-Fi ? For example, if I want to upgrade my existant CD player (considering it has an digital out) could I use an external DAC...
  8. B

    Newbie from South Wales

    Hi guys, I habe been wondering for months what audio equipment to buy i.e, sound bar, Sonos , kef ls50ii. I have now decided to go down the amplifier and speaker set up as the other half and myself would rather not see too many wires and we don’t have many plugs. Lol. I popped in on the off...
  9. F

    Recording Vinyl with a cheap usb sound card.

    Hey all, I want to record my vinyl (from my preamplifier) to my pc and i require an external audio card, I am looking for kinda cheap options since I dont want to spend too much money just yet, I found the Maya 22 usb model to suite my needs quite nicely, do you think its up for the task? Will...
  10. S

    Is my amplifier (Yamaha CRX-N470D) good enought for the upgrade of speakers to Elac Debug B5.2?

    Hello to everyone! I would like to ask you for some help with a decision about a speaker upgrade. Currently I have the Yamaha MCR-N470D network hifi system. It consist of a central unit (Yamaha CRX-N470D) and speakers, which came in set (Yamaha NS-BP150). I am not completely satisfied with the...
  11. Sayeduzzaman Rayan

    Question Necessity of high(er) end earphones [Campfire Audio IO]

    Hi, I'm currently the owner of a sony wh-1000xm3, a bose soundsport wireless, an audio-Technica ath-m50x and a Sennheiser hd559. An earphone recently caught my eye, the Campfire Audio IO. But I'm not sure if it's really worth it to get it. I don't have any way of hearing the buds without buying...
  12. F

    db limit to protect my speakers

    Hello friends, My amplifier, the YAMAHA R-N303D, has a watt/channel rating of around 140 hz, my speakers, the Dali Spektor 2 have a rating of around 100 hz, Should I use the max DB limiter on my amplifier so I can preserve my speakers? Another advantage is that I dont need to worry about my...
  13. AVDude

    AVR Vs Processor (Seperates)

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xYACtM54_kc Not a bad review, gives you some ideas of what each system can deliver to the viewer.
  14. barcpc

    Can you connect a Cambdridge Audio CXC to a CXN and the speakers to the CXN?

    I'm trying to setup my first Hi-Fi, I´m subscribed to Spotify, and have a CD collection. Does this configuration make sense? or do I need a CXA61 amplifier for example. Suggestions, comments are welcome, Thanks,
  15. A

    is there any headphones that gives speaker like experience ?

    I was looking for a headphone that gives a speaker like experience, a surround sound feel. Is there any product like that in $100 to $200 range ?
  16. Sidelock

    B&W 607 amp recommendation

    I need some recommendations for a solid amp/receiver to go with Bowers and Wilkins 607 speakers. Bluetooth is necessary and I’m not keen to go beyond £400. Please let me know your thoughts.
  17. D

    My hi-fi system

    Hello to all, I am very happy to join this forum of enthusiasts Being also an acoustician, I take the opportunity of this topic to introduce myself and my system: Looking forward to exchanging, Beautiful day
  18. M

    Question Budget Cd player upgrade

    Hi, Need to upgrade my CD player - current one isn't worth mentioning. I listen to CDs quite a lot and would like something semi-decent without it being a 30-year old relic. My current amp is a Rotel RA-931 with B&W DM601 S2 bookshelf speakers. My budget is about £100-120 so am looking at USED...
  19. MrBee

    Question Car Hifi....Which to get for £600 ish

    Looking to purchase a quality sound system for my car ... Interested in quality not volume. Can you give me 2 possible products of either 4 or 6 speaker systems at around £600 max price. A matching amp if necessary but not loudness quality only. Audio device not required. Please and thanks...
  20. M

    Pioneer SX650 or NAD C 316BEE

    Which receiver/integrated should I upgrade to? The vintage Pioneer SX 650 receiver or a used NAD C 316BEE integrated amplifier? Either amp would cost ~200-300USD. Currently running Klipsch R 14M speakers with a Dayton Audio Class D amp