Please recommend a shielded speaker cable.


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Jul 5, 2010
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I have a Yamaha 3067 Av receiver connected to 3 M&K 95 in wall speakers (L,C,R) with Cyrus unshielded bi-wire cable but using just a single run. As there is mains cable running in very close proximity to the Cyrus cable I think I will be better off with shielded cable. As per title any suggestions?

Many thanks, Jolls.
Jolls, I cannot think why you would need a shielded speaker cable in any event. There are good reasons not to use a shielded cable, and they do not exist for specific speaker use AFAIK. A ground just isn't needed.

I suspect you are fearing or finding a problem that might be solved another way. Or is it simply the proximity that concerns you?

Meanwhile, here is an interesting debate:-


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