Please Help Me Configure My Speakers and Select a Receiver


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Jan 16, 2013
Might still be in line for a new receiver if I do the physical work to fix the wife's car for her - a kerb ran out in front of her over Chrimbo and wiped out a tyre, a McPherson strut, the lower contol arm, and heaven knows what else once I start. We have a dedicated home theater room upstairs, equipped with a full 7.2.4 speaker setup, run by a Marantz 7010 with an Onkyo M-5010 taking care of the extra two channels. Currently we only have a 60 inch 4K TV, but when my numbers come up that's going to be replaced with a 4K PJ and a 130-ish inch screen. So let's leave that alone. Downstairs, in the living room, however, we currently have a 60 inch 4K TV sitting in a corner on a sideboard. This is our main living space where we flunk out after work, and I am planning on adding a receiver for Muzak, and ideally for surround sound as well. The attached image shows the room layout. The room measures about 21 feet north-south by about 19 feet east-west. North is at the top in my sketch.

The north wall is all glass above 18 inches from the floor. The south wall doesn't exist except for countertop height divisions into the kitchen. The east wall has a fireplace halfway along it, about 6 feet wide and sticking about 18-24 inches into the room. It runs from floor to ceiling. The TV sits in the northeast corner of the room on a sideboard. The west wall is mostly solid, apart from a doorway into the master suite in the southwest corner. We have wiring pre-installed for four in-ceiling speakers roughly where shown. Any other speakers would have to be installed in the walls by yours truly.

We would like to leave the TV where it is. I'm not a fan of putting TVs over fireplaces for safety reasons (some people might remember when people warned about putting mirrors over fireplaces in case ladies' skirts caught fire) and it would mean running a lot of wires (HDMI, power, audio, ethernet, etc.) through the walls. It can be done, but it would be a major project I really don't want to have to take on.

What I'm thinking of is:

1. Using either the TV's own speakers or a pair of small stereo speakers as the front left and right.

2. Using Ceiling B as the center, or using a soundbar or small center speaker as the center, mixing and matching options with 1. above.

3. Using Ceiling A and Ceiling D as Atmos overheads.

4. Using Ceiling C as a single rear.

I could add a single Bluetooth speaker in the southwest corner or re-route the speaker wire for Ceiling Speaker C to the southwest corner. And I could add a pair of Bluetooth speakers on the west wall. I can also put in a proper center above and behind the TV - the wiring is already in place for that.

I'm hoping to get away with a seven channel receiver, but could go to a nine channel unit if pushed. Preference is for a Marantz unit to match the one upstairs. I'm thinking 1607 because it's a low profile / slimline unit, or a 5010 or 6010 full size units. Price limit for the receiver is about US$700, $800 at a push.

Thoughts and suggestions most welcome, both on speaker options and on which receiver to buy.


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Benedict_Arnold said:
...... if I do the physical work to fix the wife's car for her - a kerb ran out in front of her over Chrimbo and wiped out a tyre,

For the tyre, I recommend black shoe polish to cover up the damage. Some wives have even been known to give shoe polish as a present in the off chance of a kerb running out in front of them.


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