Panasonic VT50 50-55-65in


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Jul 26, 2008
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Dont shoot the messenger.......

I spoke to a friend last night who knows some one who knows some one.. who has and still is working at the Olympics in london he is working as an A/V technician installing TVs/Monitors etc in the hotels and accomodation blocks etc, it would appear that the Plasmas being fitted are VT50s with different sizes depending where they are located.

This would possibly be a reason why there is a delay with certain VT Models until begining/mid june, Panasonic are a sponsor of the 20212 olypics and it couild be possible that panasonic want to make sure that they have enough screens, most have already been installed, the number of screens that have been installed are 100 plus[apparently]..with a fair few being kept for replacement if needed.

I can not realy believe that this would have an effect on supply to the public, I can understand that panasonic would want to make sure that there are no problems with the sets, and would want to make sure that they have enough stock to replace if needed, but I would not even know how many sreens are supplied to each dealer around the country, but I would think it is in excess of 100 units. Maybe Panasonic want to officaily launch the VT Range at the olympics, with many thousands of people over 6weeks or how ever long it is, that is a lot of possible sales.

Any way it is just a thought as there are alot of unhappy customers who have put deposits down only to be told there is a delay with out any reason, there is alot of speculation as to why but nothing confirmed...But it does seem strange that panasonic have installed the VT Range already, so maybe there is not a problem with the units, who knows..They seem to be pushing LED as well with the DT/WT Models being shown.

As I said earlier it is only speculation as to the delay, but it does appear that had there been technical problems Panasonic would have not installed them in the first place...

Just my thoughts. :roll: :roll:


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Jun 11, 2010
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I wonder if Panasonic will spot the still extent 50hz motion issues or dynamic false contouring
( striping in skin and faces with motion)? I think the general public may well spot
these in high motion Olympic sport events, particularly at the larger screen sizes. Rather stupid
that the screens are not optimised for 50hz in a 50hz broadcast region! :rofl:
Last minute tinkering Panasonic UK?? Maybe you best keep your 60hz IFC at max eh? >)

It's a shame people won't see their non-Olympic Panasonic aftersales like I have : 18months
and still running..... :O They would run away as fast as Hussein Bolt! ;)


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