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Need some advice on buying my first turntable


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May 3, 2020
I'm looking to buy my first turntable to fit on my existent hi-fi hardware, which is:
An old stereo - Sony MHC-2700 with phono amp;
Speakers - SS-H 2700, 70W - 6 Ohm
Speakers - Pioneer S-Z71, 100W - 8 Ohm

A most recent receiver Onkyo TX-SR607 without phono amp paired with a Wharfedale Diamond 9, 120W - 6 Ohm

I've read some reviews of the these models:
Rega Planar 1 - no preamp
Rega Planar 2 - no preamp and dangerously approaches the budget threshold limit [by the reviews - my favourite]
Audio Technica AT-LP5x - with preamp
Pro-Ject Debut Carbon - no preamp

I don't want something fancy or High-End, only the necessary to enjoy some good music and later, yes, I could start to think on something better.
If I could spare some money on the speakers and amp, I could use that money to apply on the turntable.

Thank you for your help,

PS - I do have a turntable, and old Yamaha MC-40, with a broken headshell and the need for a belt - which I can't find both


May 4, 2020
It looks like you've done your research. But you may want to also throw a couple of Teac models into the mix. for what you are looking for, and your equipment, I would recommend the TN-280, TN-350 or TN-400s they are all similar to each other but each one adds a couple of extra features. For instance, the 400s will play 78s when the other two won't. The 280 offers Bluetooth and the 350 has a little bit better Hardware but no bluetooth. The price range of these turntables go anywhere between $230 and $450 USD (although affordable by today's standards, these are quality turntables from a respectable brand). You know the prices of electronics, they can fluctuate almost daily! LOL All three come with respectable Audio-Technica cartridges. I believe the 95 or 100. Rarely, they will come with an Oyster cartridge but it's usually the at95 or 100. Combine the four turntable models that you researched with the three that I suggested, and now you have 7 to choose from! :) best of luck in your decision.
Edit: Oh! all three of the turntables I listed have built-in phono preamps but you can either use the built-in preamp, or turn it off and use it as a pass-through, using your own phono preamp. I just wanted to add that. Also, a couple of the models allow you to transfer your vinyl via USB for digital backup. Cheers!



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