My feed back on the WiiM Pro Plus


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Jul 28, 2022
I can't honestly remember the thread but I did promise another poster I will provide my feed back on the WiiM Pro Plus.

OK, I'm going to start with the end. There's no good news bad news scenario, the WiiM Pro Plus just excels and truly is VFM, bar none. It's simplicity itself, tiny leaflet manual came with the packaging but there was no need, the whole setup is intuitive. I downloaded the WiiM app and I was up and running in 5-10 mins.
I love that it automatically stores your music collection from your android phone.
Everything comes with the box to get you started, you'll find a plethora of cables, USB, toshlink, RCA, plus mains adapter and remote with voice activation. RJ45 ethernet cable isn't included but that's kind of expecting too much and how would they get it all in the neatly compact box.

When I first heard of WiiM, I immediately thought, Nintendo is making HiFi, it's going to be c**p but I was totally off the mark, the two are not related the slightest. LinkPlay technologies is the parent company and this was created by a massive consortium, consisting of Google, Broadcom, InterVideo and Harman. So quite a lot of investment must have gone into this.

I was listening to Cat Stevens all morning through my headphones, I really should be Working from Home, the boss is on holiday so I'm spared!

I was right about the tonal signature, I had already familiarise the sound of the AKM chipset which the WiiM shares with my TempoTec V6 DAP, the same lively punchy sound which I like and I can see why people would love this DAC.

I have the coax output to the Eversolo, and set the analogue output to Singxer headphone. I like it you can adjust the gain in gradual steps, really useful feature. When I first played the sound through the coax, I was getting faint sound coming through the headphone and I couldn't figure out what was going on, maybe I should have read the manual. I gone back to the settings on the WiiM on my mobile and changed the default output to Fixed and this had done the trick. Kudos to WiiM even if you don't catch it for the first time there's always a fix and everything is made seamless.

I should mention the voice activated remote, but I'm no fan of talking to a device. Silent but effective is the best but I'm sure the younger generation will make better use of it.

How would I sum up the sound quality?
Let's get the prickly questions out of the way first, I did not do a blind test between the WiiM Pro Plus and the thrice priced Eversolo Z8 DAC. There's nothing to gain from this, as I own both and what would it serve?

Yes it's excellent but the Eversolo is my golden boy.

I'm really impressed with the Pro Plus, I enjoyed listening to my music from my mobile via the WiiM app at high resolution.
I love the sound and it's no brainer if you're going into streaming the first time and you want a decent performing DAC, £209 is an absolute steal. It's a good basis to build your system around it.

In terms of I have the WiiM pro or I have the WiiM mini, should I upgrade to the Pro Plus?

I'm really not best placed to comment because I'm not familiar with the sound signatures of the other two siblings.

This is a forum not a REVIEW, this is my feed back it is not meant to circumvent future WIIM Pro Plus reviews on WHF or other professional outfits. It is just to give some flavour of the product and having tested it briefly it's an amazing piece of HiFi.


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