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Aug 10, 2019

my local a&j electrical store have given me some very questionable advice-now me being the novice customer and him in his own words " having 20+ yrs experiance " wanted to ask your advice as i cant believe what he said.after noting that i couldnt find a sony bravia tv that i had wanted to have a look at he said " i dont stock any sony or samsung tv's-they are the same as one makes the other and in my opinion they are not evan good enough to warrent the floor space, they are over priced and just as over hyped " having read many reviews i dont mind telling you that i was speechless----but am i right to be ?

Andrew Everard

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May 30, 2007
Certainly various manufacturers co-operate on the manufacture of plasma and LCD panels, and IIRC Samsung and Sony is one such alliance, rather as the Korean company also makes displays for the likes of Bang & Olufsen.

But the LCD panel in the screens in question is only one part of the image producing package - Samsung displays have different backlight technology, don't have Sony's Bravia Engine video processor, and so so on.

So it's a bit like saying don't buy this car or that car beacause they all come fitted with Bridgestone tyres, or a Gertrag gearbox, or a Bosch alternator, so they're all the same. The only common part in these sets is likely to be the actual liquid crystal panel - and even here there are variations.

The dealers's doing a typical bit of anecdotal selling, I think - just out of interest, what did they suggest you should buy...?


he suggested that i go for either the panasonic or the jvc-allthough he did say that the jvc was more last years choice.the truth is if i had the money i may have gone for the pany but it would have been nice to have had a look at a samsung or sony-i was surprised that a shop of this size and reputation did not stock due to this mans personal views


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Aug 4, 2007
I used to work for Samsung, part of the corporate presentation we used to give clients was that Samsung made 93% of all display screens, inc Pc's etc etc