How exactly does one UPGRADE?


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Aug 10, 2019
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Hello all !!

I have been a passive listener for some time around here and I wanted to run something by all you experts. I understand, from a personal view point, that HI-FI is forever changing. The minute you make up your mind on a set up having decided upon a CD player, an integrated amp and a set of speakers, there comes along 100 reviews, which for the same price you intended, sport better equipment. This is a permanent feature and I dont think we can ever prepare for this.

But what I am interested is how do you UPGRADE? What are your options for selling your old stuff. I know ebay is there but other than that, all ye how have upgraded, what are the options? I have a pair of Jamo E855 with Marantz CD 7300 and Marantz PM 7200. I love the player and the amp but I feel I could have done better with my speakers. So if I now want to invest in a pair of Focus 110 (I love these Dynaudio monsters!), how do I sell my Jamos?

I am sincerely hoping that this would be read by people who have been at this juncture before !!

BTW, I think there are enough experts here, so please do comment on my set up. Also I have not invested in any cables or interconnects. Mistake?



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Jul 28, 2007
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Upgrade effectively is very hard! You can easily go out and spend £500 on a new pair of speakers and yes, it will sound better but Does it sound £500 better?

The best place to sell is Ebay as you can reach millions of people around the world (if you willing to post worldwide) there is a risk but most of the time people have a happy ending. Your Jamo wouldn't fetch much, sadly, but they will sell as long as your start price is low. I had Krell 400Xi on ebay with 99p start and no did meet the price I wanted in the end :)


Thanks Thaiman !

Any comments on my set up? Any changes that you would recommend? What about my not investing in cables, would you recommend something there?

Personally, if I upgrade speakers, I dont think I would sell of the Jamos. I would probably give them off to someone who lives in my city. What do you think about Focus 110 from Dynaudio. I have not heard them with my marantz set up but I am sure my PM 7200 can drive them.


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