Help please! Sony 40EX503 vs 40W4500


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Aug 10, 2019
Hi everyone. Imagine my dismay when a week ago the LCD panel went on my Sony 40W4500 which i bought in July 09. The screen was suddenly filled with several 3mm White lines all the way across from right to left. After some argy bargy (sale of goods! reasonable durabilty!) with the retailer (Atlantic Electrics) and then Sony themselves plus a £70 call out charge from a local authorised repairer, I was told that the screen could not be replaced and Sony would replace with a brand new 40EX503. I told the chap to hang fire, quickly researched aforementioned model, saw the blinding reviews on here, called the guy back sharpish, and snapped his hand off. It came today. And I have to say that I'm a bit disappointed. The picture quality on both Sky HD and blu ray falls quite a bit shorter than my 40W4500. There are a myriad of picture settings which Ive messed about with but I just can't get the crispness of definition that I had before. Any tips on settings would be greatly appreciated. I'm thinking that if still not satisfied I may contact Sony again but fear their goodwill may have dissipated. I'm surprised because the EX503 reviews were exceptional, so thinking it may be my ignorance with the settings. I'm no expert. I read what hifi but half if it's lost on me. If it's got 5 stars that's good enough for me. Thanks in advance! Mike Cheers


I have had the exactly the same problem. When installed by the engineer, I noticed that the picture quality was not a par on the w4500. I raised this with the local repair centre and the tv was taken back with the engineer. The local repair centre has come back with five options.

1) You can wait for the panel to come in and we can repair your existing unit, but there is no ETA for delivery of this part.
[*]2) You can accept the upgrade of the KDL40EX503 [*]3) You can upgrade to one of the following models @ a charge. [*]KDL40HX723 @ £199.20 [*]KDL40EX724 @ £249.60 [*]KDL40NX723 @ £399.60 [*]4) If you are disappointed with this you can take this further and discuss with our Customer Information Centre on 0844 8466 555
  • 5) If there is a different model you would like please let me know and I can see if we can arrange this and at what cost to you.

I can only locate one model on what hifi (the bible), which came with 3 stars. I am left in a bit of a quandry on what to do.

Good luck.
I too found the EX503 pictures to be too soft for my liking. Even the 723 series' TVs were disappointing. The only Sony models I liked were the HX823 & HX923, although the 923 series' have suffered from quality control issues.

The W series' models were brilliant, the best being the W4500.


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