Connecting new Sony TV to Denon amp


Jan 22, 2022
Hi all,
Trying to connect my new Sony XR65A80 to my Denon AVR-X2400H so sound comes through surround system . Instructions say to connect the two using ARC HDMI terminal on both, but getting no sound from speakers via amp. Can’t check amp settings as no picture on tv from amp.
I’m sure it’s probably a simple setup but I’m missing something.
Can anyone help with settings to fix this please?

ALSO, Sony is replacing my Pioneer PDP 428 XD, which sadly has a small crack in screen (not the glass, I assume the panel behind). Is this likely any good to anyone (for spares I assume as crack is annoying) or is it for the skip?

Thanks in advance!
You need to select the HDMI source where the amp is connected, to get picture on TV. Make sure it's marked ARC. Also, in your TV's sound settings, make sure you choose external speakers.


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