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Denon DM37DAB advice


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Aug 10, 2019
Hi all

I'm thinking of buying the above to go in a small-ish bedroom. I was planning to use Dali Lektor 2 speakers with it - is this a good match? However, for a short period of time, I plan to use with a pair of Dali Ikon 5s in a larger room - will the Denon be powerful enough to drive the Ikon 5s? And is 30w enough - I'm use to the Roksan Kandy L3 amp and cdp and don't want anything that sounds weak in comparison - although obviously I'm not expecting it to be a match.

Has anybody and experience or advice on my plans above - greatly appreciated



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Jan 7, 2008
Been several threads over the past few months ref. speakers to go with the DM37. But to reiterate, the 5 star review of the 37 was done with the Denon speakers that came with it.(So they can't be bad). Richer Sounds have it paired up with MS 902i's (surprise surprise), whilst Sevenoaks put it in a package with MA BR1s. There's also the Tannoy F1s and Wharfedale 9 speakers have also been mentioned as good matches for the DM37. There are fans of all the above combinations, I particularly liked the BR1s so thats what I ended up with.

The Dali Lektors you have are in a totally different price bracket to the ones I have mentioned. The Lektor 2s are nearly £100 more than the cost of the Denon unit. So, on that theory I'm not sure you will get the best out of those speakers from a DM37.

Hopefully someone may come on this thread who has already tried it and can give good or bad advice on that combination.



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