Cheap All In One with HDMI and Upscaling?


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Aug 10, 2019
I currently have a DAVS 500 which has done me well for 6 years or so. I just bought a 37PX80 and for no apparent reason the DAVS 500 left front audio is not working anymore, well there is a very quite noise. I've tried swapping the speakers etc.. to make sure but it does seem a bit "knackered".

This is a shame as to be honest, I don't have the budget to buy anything else now the TV has just been bought but now the DAVS is broken I also no longer have a tuner or cd player! I liked the DAVS, the speakers are small, the sub was good enough but it doesn't have HDMI or upscaling or any of that modern connectivity.

I have limited space and the wife hates clutter so buying separates isn't really an option so I've been looking around for cheap all in ones...

Now I saw this Panasonic SCPT450EB in Dixons for £125 but I'm not sure if it's any good? It supports the viera link so I guess it can then control the tv and it using the same remote.

Or this Sony DAV DZ231 £114


Looking for something similar myself! Anyone any advice? Don't think the missus would appreciate me lashing out an a separate receiver/upscaling player/active sub.....


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