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Question upgrading from all in one to separate amp and streamer


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Jul 23, 2009
Hi all. I'm currently using a Rega P2 running through an original Naimuniti (2009).
I'm upgrading the TT to a Rega P6 - pending upcoming demo. ideally, i'd like to replace the Uniti but i want to go for a separate Amp and streamer. I like the Naim sound and will probably go for the Nait XS3. no idea on the streamer yet but i do have music stored on an Innuos zen on the network and we listen to internet/FM radio so ideally something that can cover off these bases. looking to spend approx 500 on the streamer part.
thanks for any advice in advance. got some great help here in the past.


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Sep 1, 2014
Hi There.

there are many options from the like of Cambridge and pioneer and sony.


You could use your current uniti as just a streamer in the new amp, no money spent. Or grab a "cheap" second hand Naim Unitiqute Uniti Qute off eBay and do the same and just switch off its internal map and you would have slightly newer streamer.

If money is burning a hole in your pocket and If it were me the smarter choice would be to get a power amp and like a nap 200/dr and connect it to your Uniti using it as a pre and streamer (you can, i think, turn its amp secion off). It would give you far more power and more importantly control and as funds allow get one of the more exotic Nac's like the N 272 (due to change soon so you may get a good deal in the future). The Uniti's always made surprisingly good preamps. Its what I did for the longest time and really wanted/needed nothing more.

The problem Naim there are so many ways to one thing!


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Dec 22, 2006
Marantz NA6006 would get my vote, though the Audiolab 6000N is another option. Finally a 2nd hand Oppo BDP would do the job.

Nait XS3 doesn't have a screen that needs replacing every few years, but you can use the app. It also have a MM input, but you could get a seperate phono stage. Otherwise I'd stick with the Uniti.



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