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    Question upgrading from all in one to separate amp and streamer

    Hi all. I'm currently using a Rega P2 running through an original Naimuniti (2009). I'm upgrading the TT to a Rega P6 - pending upcoming demo. ideally, i'd like to replace the Uniti but i want to go for a separate Amp and streamer. I like the Naim sound and will probably go for the Nait XS3. no...
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    Question Naim Uniti Atom - for Monitor Audio Gold 200?

    I am new in Hifi, so i can say that i am beginner :) Therefore, i need support. I plan to buy Monitor Audio Gold 200 (4g) or 300 and i listened them with Roksan Blak, It was really amazing, but Roksan Blak is unfortunately too expensive for my budget, because i also have to add a network player...