Building Hi Fi System!


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Aug 19, 2008
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I have Tannoy DC6T SE speaks.

Room size is approx 30m2.

Type of music I like: classical, jazz, rock.

Intention is to convert all audio files into Flac and use external HDD to play music. Maybe in future to use NAS drive...

My intention was to buy Marantz UD7007 blu-ray player as source for my external HDD. It's price in Singapore is aprox 500£. Compared to price in UK sounds like good deal. But is it good enough for Hi Fi? (Compered with some dedicaded CD players like Audiolab 8200CD in this price range.)

I can't do demo of any amp (available in Singapore) with my Tannoy speakers so I have to rely on suggestion!

HFC recommended Exposure 3010S2 amp as best in the group price of 1500£.

I listened Exposure 3010s2 here in Singapore and I love it. But I have no idea about synergy between Exposure (or any other amp) and Tannoy.

How about Roxan Caspian M2 Int Amp as option?

What about Naim?

I am thinking of DAC-V1 and NAP100 as well. (Is it powerfull enough for my room size?)

I don't need phono stage.

I do not want to use computer as a source!

Budget: 1500£ for amp and 500£ for source of music!

So can you help me in building proper Hi Fi system?

Thanks anyway!



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Feb 12, 2013
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I'm using 2 units of Audiolab 8200P to drive my ProAc Studio 140 MkII with 8200CD as the source & very happy with it. Give it a try, I think Par Audio in Singapore the distributor of Exposure also have Audiolab for audition.


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Dec 29, 2012
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A Blu-Ray player maybe a good idea esp. now the Blu-Ray Audio format is available at not much more than cd prices. One problem with BD players seems to be the slow/clunky loading of discs, also some of the cheaper ones have noisy transport. I don't know the Marantz 7007, it that tuned for audio? You could look at the Oppo 105 or the Cambridge 752 which are very good for audio, they have 5 quality DACs. So you may want to spend more on the source and less on the amp. As for amp and Tannoys, not sure I think someone on here uses a Leema with those.

Just checked the WHF review of 7007 and it does seem good for sound, you may want to compare it with the Oppo.

If I were you I would not be buying an expensive cdp, they are too limited and as you will be streaming most of yours it does not make sense to me.

So maybe you should be comparing BDP and streamers?


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