Question A pair of JBL PB110 and stero mixer


Dec 14, 2023
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Hi. I do have question about this speaker. I wonder if I play my music through the mixer then output to both of speaker via speaker aux in, will one of the speaker play the L channel on all of it's driver, or just half driver. I'm asking because I'm planning to get a mixer for my pb110 so that I can connect mic through the mixer then to the both speaker and the mic will sounded through both speaker while play in stereo as well as opposed to just 1 speaker when connect mic directly to back of the speaker. Even if the speakers connected by TWS or daisy chain, it will just sound the mic on the connected speaker. And also the single speaker is stereo because I have tested it by channel balancing from my phone music player, and it does mute the L or R side of the driver depend which side you muted. The mixer will have single L and single R XLR output. And also single L channel and single R channel 6.3mm output. Will the single mono channel output will play on all the driver in single speaker? Or it will just play the left side or right side of the driver because the signal supposed to be mono and it's only single output for each channel. Any thought really appreciated. Thanks.


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