A new system for £857 what are you buying?

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£180 is a nice price if it's total for the 2 fosi audio amps + 2 48/5a psu

But what budget preamp with or without stream do you choose for the 2 amps

you can go for a wiim ultra but thats to expernsive (mabye twice the price of the amps) since the kickstarter price is super low at £180 for 2 amps + psu, compared to audiophonics in france and i guess you wanna go low budget or else you could have gotten a eversolo streamer + amp (f2) for around 1500 euro or just short of 2000 euros with the DMP-A6 Master Edition or a ncore class d amp
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They are currently raising funds for the initial full production run on Kickstarter. The price for 2 V3 monos with 48V 5A PSU's is $1750 Hong Kong dollars, which translates to about £180. There is 22 days left to get in on the deal.

Sound as a Pound are saying you get that for only £180 even with the 48volt, 10 a psu

Even when it's not got a preamp, it would make it the nad 3020 of 2024 ?

lot's of power (much more than the nad 3020) and really good sound for a redicioulus low price that should only be for one amp + 48volt 5 a psu
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May 8, 2024
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I seem to have accidentally derailed the thread by including the Fosi amps into my £857 system.

I would have liked the WiiM Pro Plus as the paired pre, but it lacks a proper USB input and adding something like a Topping D10S to act as a USB to optical bridge and a phone to control it eats too much of the £857 budget. Hence my choice of SMSL D-6s and no streaming.
I've not looked at the pricing and final detail of the WiiM Ultra yet but that's not going to work with this budget.

I tried to ensure the laptop had at least 1Tb of storage and was from a known brand.

I seem to have restricted my speaker options by looking at Amazon only. but the Q Acoustics jumped out as the obvious Amazon choice.

If I were to go for a CD playing based system I think I'd go for an ultra-budget DVD player with digital outs to act as transport (say £40) and put the savings towards better speakers.


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