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Zeppelin wireless audio dropouts through aux input


New member
Oct 26, 2016
Recently purchased a zeppelin wireless to use as a soundsystem in my apartment, for TV, smartphone, laptop application. My intension is to use it exclusively through its aux input connected to a dac(not purchased yet).
Aftet setting up ,firmware update, network, i connected the zeppelin with a 3.5mm inakustik premium cable to the headphone output of my tv, (panasonic 4k). Since the beginning audio dropouts occur whenever there is a pause in the dialogues or the music has more silent passages. Its like it stops producing any sound(the led indicator is stable green). Even if i press the aux white led(hearing the pop up sound) to manually select aux input or push the volume up, down nothing happens.
I connected the cable to three smartphones, laptop, pc, and the results are the same. I tried two other cables and the results are the same, no sound when things in music or dialogues get more silent. Then suddenly audio comes back.This does not happen when i use bluetooth or airplay .
Is this a software bag? Anyone with the same problem?
Thanks in advance for your replies.


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Jun 2, 2008
Well, you've tried a few 3.5mm cables and a number of audio sources (and you get some sound, sometimes). This doesn't happen with wireless, so it seems to me that there is just an intermittent fault with the 3.5mm socket on the Zep and you need to return it to the shop for exchange with a replacement unit.

It's very unlikely that any software is causing this because it's a simple analogue - analogue connection.


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Jan 9, 2017
Hi Papste

I have the exact same issue with my Zeppelin, connected from my Sony TV-headphone port to the AUX in on the Zeppelin... The audio occasionally drops out during "quiet/silent passages"...

Did you find any solutions to this? I see that you mention, that you intend to connect to the Zeppelin AUX IN through a DAC. Just wondering if this has perhaps solved the issue - (optical out on tv -> DAC -> AUX in on Zeppelin)

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May 1, 2008
Try putting your Zeppelin in 'wired' mode when using the Aux input. Also, if you're using an optical out then it may not work - the Zep's input is purely analogue.



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