Question why no current smartphones support DAB+ ?


Oct 4, 2022
I possess a LG Stylus II with the capability of DAB+ digital radio. It is the only one in the vast world of smartphones, I should say was the only one... Not produced and sold anymore, thus getting outdated. I now use a more state of the art portable device. Why should I carry also somethin like a Dabman?
In The Netherlands DAB+ broadcasting is widely promoted for years as the successor of FM broadcasting. FM will be phased out in due time. Nowadays no smartphone does support DAB+. Why? The obvious answer I hear is do rely on the alternative of internet radio, thus be dependent on the availability of internet especially outside and accept the costs of your internet scheme. This limits broadcasting as a service to the public, with safety and security services.
Is the observation an issue in other countries?


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I was going to say internet radio, but it seems you have answered your own question. Mobile phone data plans are so cheap now and coverage is getting better all the time.


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