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Best music player app for smartphones/tablets?


New member
Jun 23, 2016
Nowadays almost everyone has smartphone or tablet always on the go, so let's find out how to get best soundquality through andoroid/ios.

At the moment 3 best players I have tried are:
-Onkyo HF player
-Usb audio player pro

If you have compared these or some other hq players, which of them sounds best?

I have also tried Playerpro which has great sound and awesome bass boost effect, but seems like it lacks hi-res support.
Good mention is also Neutron player. It's not easiest to use but delivers great sound. Only true con to my ears is lack of bass compared to other players. Jet audio player sounds great with 20 band eq but I haven't tried it yet, is it good?

All those three players have great eq and support for DAC via otg cable. At the moment the Onkyo HF player sounds best to me. Compared to two others it lacks sound effects and has the worst operating system, but it sounds perfect. It's Eq is actually even better than in foobar, and apple users can enjoy real time dsd conversion (dont have apple to try).

Usb audio player sounds also very detailed and punchy. It also has left-right balance control and support for enjoying great audio quality through internet radio, tidal etc.

Poweamp is absolutely the best value for money only costing about 5€/$ and giving the best playback options, sound effect (especially that stunning bass) and much more. Slight bass (and treble) boost is great when listening with portable speakers or if youre listening without subwoofer or with cheap in/on ear headphones. To my ears poweramp still doesn't sound as detailed as Onkyo and UAPP, propably because its cheaper and doesn't have option to set 24/192 upsampling off, can't understand why. Resampling ruins sound quality.

So what do you think, which app makes your apple / android device sound as "hifi" as possible?


New member
Feb 8, 2009
The Onkyo app sounds very clear. I wonder though if it makes a difference when I use a dac that buffers and reclocks the signal... Will try it when I get back from hollidays.