wall mounting TV - vibration through wall?


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Nov 9, 2004
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Well we finally took the plunge and bought a Pioneer 428XD and a Sony DAV-IS10. The 428XD is going to be wall mounted onto a brick wall. The wall is a party wall with next door's living room, and from looking at the plans is only 9" thick, being just a double skin of brick with no cavity. Question: When using the TV's speakers, do you think it's likely to be an issue with reverberation through the wall it's bolted to, i.e. is it likely to cause the neighbours a problem? They're really quiet, which is great, and I want to give them some consideration. OR will we just use the DAV-IS10 all the time, in which case the speakers will be a little bit away from the wall? But then there's that subwoofer which does seem pretty loud (but great!). Just last minute panic I guess, but I'd be really grateful to get people's perspective on this.


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