Question Soundbar with wall-mounted TV?


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Mar 15, 2022
Hi all, newbie question here... (at least when it comes to TV sound):

My TV set is wall mounted, with a telescopic arm. For "background watching" (which we do rarely, anyhow) the TV is in its "parking position" on the wall but in order to watch something while being seated on the sofa, the TV has to be panned so it is positioned in a roughly 90° angle to the wall, "floating" above the floor.

Now I'd be interested whether it would still be possible to use a soundbar? This would have to be positioned on the little shelf (containing all the TV tech) sitting along the wall, directly below the TV's parking position (I can't place the bar floating under the TV, can I? ;)) Is it possible to configure a soundbar so it will essentially "tilt" its sound to an extreme 90° degree angle?


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(I can't place the bar floating under the TV, can I? ;))
Why not?
If there's room for the soundbar under the TV in its parked position, then it just needs to be attached to the same swivelling TV bracket.
Just depends how much trouble you want to go to.
Personally, when I want something like that to be possible, I make it possible - by doing whatever it takes.


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