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Jul 26, 2015
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I am planning the refresh of our lounge start of next year, and we are building a media wall within the setback of one wall to house the home cinema. But i'm not sure where to go with regards speakers!

I am running a 65" LG C1 OLED TV, with a Yamaha RX-A1070 AV amp, with trusty B&W DM602 S3 front speakers, LCR60 S3 Centre speaker and M1 surrounds with an ASW 675 Sub. (Previously I had a Marantz 8000 series amp running the front speakers so i could connect my turntable and CD player directly, but the wife insisted it was a lounge not a demo room, so into the music room they have now gone!)

I do love the sound of the B&W speakers, but my concern is the size of them being housed in the media wall - the centre would have to be positioned firing at al angle from above the TV, and I would have to have the 602's on their Atacama stands in front of the media wall still - which would look a bit out of place. Clearly the 602's can't be hung from a wall or put on a shelf, but i would like to retain the similar warm powerful sound i have from these speakers, and so they work well with the ASW675 sub and the M1 surrounds still. Ideally it would be something i could shelve within the media wall (ceiling is directly above the bedroom, so that sort of speaker is a non-starter). I am happy with 5.1, but i could probably get away with adding some presence speakers if they worked out cost effective, and as all the ceilings, walls and floors are being ripped up during the refit, this would be the perfect time to "future proof" the room :)

I don't have a massive budget to replace the kit, but am not averse to sourcing second hand either. my max budget would be around £4-500.

Can anyone offer any advice? the room is rectangular, (except for an inset entry door on the wall that will have the media wall), approx 4.8m by 3.6m (3.3m after media wall fitted).
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