Recommendations for Lower budget Speakers for attached setup


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Mar 1, 2024
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Front speakers do have to be bookshelf, where the rears could be Floor standing also. Through your website, cheapaudioman and couple of others I seen, and lots of researching including new spinorama specs.

My budget is about up $1500.00 CA but I know that I do not need top end speakers for myself personally. Just more practical, games, music and movies
I have reviewed many brand like QA 5020 (high end budget also May 2024 Delivery) 3030i , Arendal 1961(out of stock), Triangle (forgot model) Emotiva (always seem to sold out) Polk ES 20 and 15, Wharfedale 12.0 or 12.2, and JBL A130. Leaning towards the JBL because what I have researched especially about the sound stange vs price point. I do have a downfacing sub which I lower down once the MCAAC is finished because of neighbours downstairs :) Any centre, I will stay with same brand in general unless the centre has terrible review which happens.
I do know my ear cringe at 120-140 HZ after hearing test :)
Best recommendations so far : Wharefdale 12.0, Wharfedale Linton (out budget if I add surrounds), Polk ES 20's , Sony SScS(apparently can have bass issues)and JBL A130.
For standing is the Polk tsi400 which I heard are pretty good. But again, I will go with floor standing with same bookshelf.
I have pair of Kanto YU 4" to test out ATM so see how newer budget cheap speakers sound. What I forgot to add before in another forum, I am coming from JBL L7 which perished about 8 years ago in an accident and just bought simple set of speakers until now. So my experience with more update to date speakers personally is ZER0 ..aside from these Kanto Yu 4 which are too bad actually.


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Stick with the same brand all around. At very least you want the drivers to be made of the same material.

You don't actually need huge speakers. It's a relatively small room, there are lots speakers, and the centre speaker does a lot of heavy lifting. You will need a sub to handle the lower frequencies.

I would also suggest altering the speaker positions. Move the side speakers to the sides of the room, and the rears in.

As for a recommendation. I have Q Acoustics 3010i all around. They are excellent. You can mix and match the 3000 range, so have some floorstanders at the front and some smaller ones at the rear and sides.