Question Upgrading to an older B&W set


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Oct 11, 2020
I'm wondering if an upgrade that presented itself is worth it or not:
I'm currently using a 5.1 home cinema setup, these are the JBL's Northridge series, specifically:
2x E80's floorstanding speakers
2x E20's as rear speakers
1x EC25 center speaker
1x EP150 subwoofer.

These are paired up with a Denon X2400 AVR

Now I've got someone who is selling a 5.1 setup from B&W for a good price (compared to local second hand sellers).
I'd be getting:
2x B&W 683 speakers
2x B&W 686
1x B&W HTM62 center speaker
1xASW610 subwoofer.
With the cost deducting from what I can get selling the JBL set this upgrade would cost me 400€ so the question is, is this worth the upgrade?
I currently believe it is, but as I have no experience with B&W I did want to ask people's opinion here.
Whilst I have had a few B&W speakers over the years they have always been in a stereo set-up and not AV.
They are very well constructed and well regarded.
I don't know anything about your JBL speakers so cannot really comment on potential upgrade.
You will be best to decide for yourself bearing in mind you might end up kicking yourself if you turned them down.



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