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  1. MrPenkwin

    Question Why is Redbull TV stereo and not 5.1 as standard?

    Decided to check out Redbull TV but disappointed that it only plays in stereo. Is there a way around this? I did wonder if it's because I don't use ARC (annoyingly that never worked smoothly) and instead use an optical cable. Any ideas?
  2. R

    Adding rear wall mounted surround speakers in a 7.1 avr

    I'm using the av receiver (Marantz NR1604) only with 5.1 channel connected, it's right to connect them in the surround back position or best to use normal surround considering that typically in a 5.1 home cinema they are in the side of the listener?
  3. jimjamz

    Moving original speakers to upgraded home theatre system

    Hello, I'm new to the forums (and to audio cable modding as you'll find out!). I've owned a Philips LX3000D home theatre system for over 20 years, including the original 5.1 speaker and subwoofer setup. The LX3000D unit has been plagued with audio issues over the past couple of years, and I've...
  4. E

    Question Upgrading to an older B&W set

    I'm wondering if an upgrade that presented itself is worth it or not: I'm currently using a 5.1 home cinema setup, these are the JBL's Northridge series, specifically: 2x E80's floorstanding speakers 2x E20's as rear speakers 1x EC25 center speaker 1x EP150 subwoofer. These are paired up...
  5. Q

    Question Advice needed on Adding Speakers to Denon AVR for 5.1

    Hi all! I hope everyone is healthy and doing well. I'm a newbie to receivers -- my partner and I recently bought a Denon AVR-X1600H to connect to our record player, and drive a pair of Dali Zensor 3s. The stereo sound's a dream, but we're now exploring the possibility of adding some speakers to...