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  1. AVDude

    News Pioneer releases a new, decently priced loudspeaker The VM 80

    8" main driver, good frequency response across the range. Specs are comparable to the Adam audio units i like that are priced much higher. 289 USD per speaker.
  2. F

    Rear/Surround speaker recommendations for a JBL Projet Array setup

    I have a system with JBL Synthesis Project Array with a pair of JBL 800, center speaker 880 and the subwoofer 1500. I wonder what rear speakers and ceiling speakers (in an Atmos set up) I could match with this system. The room is pretty small 15 m2 (square meters). The surround speakers need...
  3. F


    Hi Guys, i have the possility to buy theese speakers for few amount of money. Do you think the match with my roksan K3 would be good? thank you in advance
  4. E

    Question Upgrading to an older B&W set

    I'm wondering if an upgrade that presented itself is worth it or not: I'm currently using a 5.1 home cinema setup, these are the JBL's Northridge series, specifically: 2x E80's floorstanding speakers 2x E20's as rear speakers 1x EC25 center speaker 1x EP150 subwoofer. These are paired up...
  5. csukosd

    Question Need Help Getting Started

    Hello, I am new to HiFi and I would like to setup a small bedroom in my house. I know a couple items I want but just don't know what else I need. I'm not extremely picky and I am on a average Joe budget (4k to 5k). I would like to purchase a pair of JBL - L82 Bookshelf Speakers. As far as an...
  6. S

    JBL Northridge E60 tweeters are broken, original replacement necessary?

    Hi! I've bought two JBL Northridge E60 towers a few years ago for 50,- euro's alltogether. I realised only later that the tweeters were not producing any sound. A friend of mine had two spare tweeters which we connected and I also have two bookshelf speakers with some more detail, so I was happy...