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    Question Advice on second hand Sonus Faber Venere 1.5

    Dear Forum members, hi! This is my first post, and I am very new to the hifi world, but eager to learn more :) I write here because I would like some advice on the purchase of a pair of speakers. Since I am just starting, I was looking into the second hand market, with the idea of putting...
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    Question Advice on new streaming system

    I was hoping to get some advise on a purchase that I am trying to make. I live in Switzerland and there aren’t tons of HiFi shops to visit especially at the moment. So listening to what I am interested in is tough and even if I can get to a shop I haven’t come across one that actually has the...
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    New Amp/streamer - so confused what to get

    Hi, I can't decide on what to get - perhaps you can help me out. What I have: - Monitor audio silver 6 speakers - a TV Now I need a replacement for my Onkyo receiver that broke down. I also started questioning my choice of speakers since I thought they sounded a little too cold/neutral with...
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    Question Upgrading to an older B&W set

    I'm wondering if an upgrade that presented itself is worth it or not: I'm currently using a 5.1 home cinema setup, these are the JBL's Northridge series, specifically: 2x E80's floorstanding speakers 2x E20's as rear speakers 1x EC25 center speaker 1x EP150 subwoofer. These are paired up...