Which is the best way to connect a new LG G3 OLED tv to a 5.1 receiver and two external sources?

  • Plug the sources into TV and then pass a single HDMI eARC connection from the TV to the amp

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Nov 6, 2023
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Hello all

After a recent case of Black Friday madness(!), I've finally decided to upgrade most of my current home cinema setup from one that is in the region of 13 years old.

Currently incoming are a 65" LG G3 OLED tv, a Denon AVR-X2800H AV Receiver and a Q Acoustics Q B12 subwoofer (in White!).

These will join most of my old B&W M1-based 5.1 speaker setup, though the Q Acoustic will replace my (sadly deceased/unrepairable) B&W PV-1 sub and the Denon replaces my old (but still functional and very lovely) Yamaha DSP-AX863SE receiver. For completeness, my outgoing (hugely loved, still flawless) TV is a 2009 model 50" Pioneer plasma.

My unchanged sources are a Apple TV 4K and a Sony 4K Blu Ray Player.

Connection options have changed quite a bit since the early 2010s, so here's my very basic question:

Is it better to plug all the sources (Apple TV, Sony Player) into the Denon and have a single cable running from there into the G3 (most likely from eArc to eArc HDMI), or plug the sources into the LG and have a single cable running down to the Denon Receiver (again, eARC to eARC)?

I ask as I've seen suggestions running in both directions online. Fort what it's worth, the reputable hifi chain I've bought from suggested the former solution, rather than the latter.

Part of me thinks that if I connect the sources to the TV directly and then pass the audio down to the amp, I'll have the opportunity to tweak the picture settings for each source on the TV. Conversely, if I plug the sources into the amp—and then pass both audio and pic up to the TV—I'll only have the chance to tweak one input (ie: the TV only 'seeing' the Denon as the source).

I'm getting the LG wall mounted—and the cables put in-wall—so need to make a decision as to how many cables to attach to it and why.

Hope that all makes sense.

Any guidance appreciated. And there's a poll, if you fancy voting. But would also appreciate reasons :)

Side quest: My speakers are currently directly 'twisted wire' connections to the old Yammy amp. Its there any advantage to me stripping the cables back a bit and moving to 'banana' plug connections on the new Denon?


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