to keep or too sell. what do you guys think?


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Aug 10, 2019
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1. i currently have a 26inch panasonic viera lxd1, basically 3yr old non hd set. it has a very good picture but upgrading to a full hd panny immiently. my question is this, would the 26inch handle sd material better than the 1080p set. if so i may keep it in another room. 2. my second question is i have a sony rdr330 dvd recorder. rrp £330 5 star winner a couple of yr ago. do you think this would play dvds better than a ps3?? sound and vision in mind. i have an offer of £425. from a friend which i could put towards an upgrade but if people think its decent kit i may keep it... thanks for your help.


Take the money off your 'friend' before he sobers up!!. If you mean the Sony RDR-GX330, this still sells in the States for $170. It does not appear to upscale so any decent upscaling dvd player from the £70 Samsung upwards would do fine.


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