Subwoofer from Q7000 package


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Rather like the look of this speaker - High OH rating :roll: - but I was wondering if it will be available on its own and if so, how well it would integrate with a set of KEF 2005.2 eggs?
Hello Scene,

If you are asking about the Q Acoustics Q7000 5.1 loudspeaker package? Then the answer is yes it will be available on its own and it will work perfectly with the kef Eggs.

However, because of the rather wonderfull initial orders we are receiving from dealers, I suspect it may be November before any units become available for sale separately from 5.1 Packages.

Sugested retail price is £350.

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Thank-you very much for the rapid response :) and yes, I was asking about the subwoofer from the Q7000 5.1 speaker package.

As my dining area is still floorless, undecorated and without power, I'm in no hurry, so the wait wouldn't cause too much of an issue and the price is feasible, subject to approval by my financial controller (aka Mrs. Scene).

This is why I love this forum...


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