Stereo Improvement on MT-30 system


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Jul 25, 2008
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Dear All
Please can I have some of your advice over the following matter.

With my current system I am getting a decent stereo sound. However, I am aware I am not getting the purest Hi-Fi. I am now after a more all in one system that can continue to give great cinema thrills but combine it with an enhanced two channel experience.

My question is if I add a pair of B&W 685s, a HTM62 and a Rotel RA04-SE will this keep balance with my M-1s that I will use for the rear. I would keep the 685 on a pair of Atacama Nexus 7s that would keep the height level matched.

If I were to do this how would I incorporate it? Do I bi-amp with my Denon 2309? Do I use the PV-1 when I listen to Hi-Fi?



Yes this would I improve the stereo performance IMO.

You would have to use the pre-outs on the 2309 (i assume the Denon has these), check the Rotel amp has HT bypass with a fixed gain input so the volume is then completely controlled by the Denon.

You could then use the left over m1s to create a 7.1 system rather than 5.1.

It would then be a case of suck and see with the sub whether you prefer it on or off for stereo listening, I used to find (when I had stand mount speakers) that with some music it threw the balance of the sound off, because the sub was positioned to the left of the left speaker, if that makes sense. Of course now I have lifestyle speakers again I have no choice but to use it.



When I had a demo on the MT-30s recently at a Sevenoaks branch, I spoke to the staff about other possible set ups that I could try. To cut a long story short they suggested using the 685s, HTM61/62 and M1 as rears. Apparently "a lot" of their customers have this set up and they're happy with it.

Hope that helps you some. No, I haven't tried it myself.



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