Spotify just got better


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Today I installed the new Spotify app on our iPad and updated the desktop client on my Mac.

The iPad app looks great and works really well. But to my great surprise Spotify have finally fixed one of my greatest annoyances: the lack of gapless playback. Great for concerts and classical music.

We have Spotify Premium. We were already quite happy but the improvements make it even better.

If you have Spotify Premium, check that the streaming is set to extreme in the settings for 320 kbps throughput.


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Mar 3, 2010
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Indeed. I've just noticed the same thing in the iPhone app.

All we need now is some kind of fix to stop it gobbling-up my iPhone's memory even when I've deleted all the off-line albums and playlists, and it'll be fine. As it stands at the moment I uninstall and re-install the iPhone app nearly every week because I dispise how it doesn't clean up after itself. There's a huge 13-page thread of complaints about it on Spotify's own forum, but still no fix as yet, nor even a 'compromise fix' to allows you to set a limit on how much space its cache can take, like we have on the PC and Mac apps.