Speakers Recommendations (multiroom) for an Audiolab 6000 (N) ? > re. issue 435 of the mag


Aug 30, 2020
Dear All,
I am ready to sell my existing NAD and Dynaudio combo, to buy something which allows maximum music availability across few rooms at home. I am also trying to reduce the visual impact of the hifi. The new system will be connected to a synology NAS.
All in all, I am looking for a starter kit composed by 4 'shoebox size' speakers, all wireless.
Following what hifi recommendations, I am heading for an AUDIOLAB 6000

I am now lost with the DTS Play-Fi® Technology options.
What sort of solution for active wireless speakers would you recommend?
In the issue 435 of the magazine the KEF LS50, the dynaudio XEO 10 and the KEF LSX are all presented but I fail to understand if they are seamlessly (plug and play) compatible with the Audiolab 6000 N (and if I could buy 2 or theoretically more pairs). Newbie question but can someone spend 1 minute to help?

Many thanks in advance!
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