Best 2.1 AMP/desktop speakers for office to connect to TV and for critical music -- already have the sub SB2000?


Feb 21, 2021
Hi all, I am looking for advice on building out my office critical listening setup--but it also needs to drive my TV in my office and preferably network sound as well via ethernet. I tried out a pair of LSXes since I had previously been impressed with KEF. However, the LSXes did not sound good to me. I allowed the appropriate burn-in time of approximately 3 months and hundreds of hours but I really do not enjoy listening to them, even with my SVS SB 2000 sub and settings tweaked right. Honestly the old X300a sound even much better to me.

I was thinking of the LS50 Wireless II, but I am not impressed with KEF anymore and their connectivity has never been their strong suit and I don't like their customer service. So I was thinking of a receiver/and passive bookshelf speaker alternative and I already have the sub. A receiver with video is preferable since I need to connect to a TV and perhaps other video sources in the future. Preferred budget for the 2 speakers and receiver is $2000 to $5000. Oh the speakers also need to sit on a "desk" -- not stand. But the "desk" can hold a lot of weight and size isn't really an issue.

Thanks guys!!



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