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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi All,

I have started out in the world of HiFi and home theatering. So i guess this is the best place for me to seek advice.

To start out, i would like the system to be install in a room 3.5m*3m. Speakers would have to wall mounted.(Floor standing speakers are out for the time being)

I have went shopping around and narrowed down to 2 speakers, the B&W 686 and the Whaferdale Diamond 9.1. The shop keepers are telling me that the B&W are way to much for my room and suggested the Whaferdale instead. I am hoping that you guys, the experts could probably give a second opinion to that.

The Onkyo TX-NR905 and Yamaha RX-V3800 has definitely caught my eye. I haven got the chance to play any of these yet. But i do like the idea of having a network capable receiver around considering the ability to tap onto my music collection in my pc. I also like that bi-amp wiring options that they both offer.

I do not have a budget set at the moment and would set it probably after knowing what i want first.

Hope to hear from you guys soon.

Thanks a million and happy holidays!

Andrew Everard

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May 30, 2007
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Yes, the Wharfedales would be fine for your room, as would the Q Acoustics 1010 5.1 system, but I really wouldn't spend as much as TX-NR905 money for a receiver to use with them, as the speakers won't deliver all the receiver can do.

You can get the biamping you require from models lower down the Onkyo range - the £400 TX-SR605 would be fine with those speakers - and you could add the network audio capability you're after with the Logitech Squeezebox, which will cost you under £200, or a number of other network audio devices.

And the Yamaha? Search me, haven't heard it!


Hi Andrew,

Thanks for the great advice.

Besides Onkyo, are there any other receivers that could be added into my hunt?


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