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Aug 10, 2019
Ive never seen a review of the 40X, the 46X fairs well, but is the 40X £500 better than the 40w 2000? or any of the other newer models?



thanks, i think im just going to hold off buying a screen right now,,, it will be mainly standard definition i would be watching, and and from what i have seen, im just not satisfied with the performance yet.


That's exactly the reason why I, too, have held off buying any new HDTV Flat Screen, because I want to continue watching standard definition via normal SKY.

I believe that the majority of people will only start buying the new HDTV's once they're convinced or can see for themselves that that the technology can indeed faithfully reproduce CRT SD TV Quality, which sadly many of today's HDTV's don't, though some come pretty close.

I'm looking for the right balance between a new TV being being able to reproduce or come 'that close' to showing good SD pictures from SKY Digital and also 720/1080p DVD Playback, preferably through 1080p/24 from Blu Ray.

The Panasonic 42PX70 does come Close to CRT-In fact I was really pleased by it's SD Picture quality from Freeview, but when I asked the shop assistant to switch it to normal SKY...he couldn't, and that kind of thing really infuriates me.

Problem is, when you go into most of the High street retail shops you can't actually get those wonderful Sales Assistants (God Bless them) to show you how the TV's are swtiched on, let alone show you SD and HD through them. Some can't even turn up the sound for you because they say " It aint plugged in".....Plugged in to what I ask? ( tongue in cheek) ............they still can't awnser, at which point I get fed up and walk out of the shop.

You can of course ask to have a product demo with one of the more specialised retailers like Sevenoaks Hi Fi, but if you end up buying with someone like them you pay a higher price, so it's a bit cheeky to go along to someone like them, have your demo, say no thanks, and then go onto to Dixons or the Internet and buy the TV for much less in many cases...................don't you think?..............Oh go it anyway............once won't hurt!

Many people do the same kind of thing anyway......walk into their Panasonic or Sony High Street shop, pump the assistants for as much info as possible, inspect the TV, all it's connections, what it can do, what it can't do, take down the various model no's, get the assistants to write down the various prices for them.........and then get onto the Internet to source the product for a better price.

I walked into my local Sony shop twice in the last 2 weeks to see the KDL-40D300 and on the second occasion I asked the same questions to another assistant which I had previously asked to the first one a few days earlier, but by that time I knew more about the TV than he did, besides which some things he struggled to answer , but then I'm convinced he had spotted me from the first time I went into the shop when the Manager was trying to sell me the TV, but I declined and walked out after about 15 minutes.............Yikes!...........I think I will have to go in disguise next time.


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