TCL 85C845K v HISENSE 85U7KQTUK or Another 85inch


Jun 2, 2024
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Hi all looking to get an 85 inch TV for main room, standard TV watching plus films and sport from streaming devices.

These two models currently priced at £1499 in UK , but it's hard to get an 85 inch review 9d these exact models.

1. Can all provide opinions as to what's the better TV 9f the two and reasons ?
2. Is there a better alternative in this price range for 85 inch
3. Is there a much better 85 inch but 0uwhing this budget hire worth considering .
4. Any major concerns with these TV's , I keep reading issues with bugs and crashing but does that relate to using for gaming and the apps ? I plan to stream via apple TV device and amazon cube as opposed to TV
5. I've a samsung Soundbar which I HWK930, and link my apple TV and cube through this . Will I still gain the benefits of the 120hz refresh on the TV doing this ?

Thanks all , input really appreciated on any 0f the points asked


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