Some things in life never leave you.

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Way back in the late 1970s to the mid 80s I was a part of the mod revival scene. I needed something to identify with and modernism made me feel individual.

It's crazy as I don't consciously follow modernism, some of those traits have never left me. Both music and dress sense is eerily similar to 40 years ago: hairstyle, clothing, music, attitude towards life.... and feeling of being individual.

Back in the day I wore Lonsdale tea-shirts. Scarily, back in April this year, my daughter asked me what I wanted for my birthday. I just said anything to do witha clothing.

When I opened my prezzi, it was a Lonsdale sweatshirt.

The pic with me sitting on the bonnet of the Triumph was 1981/2, newer one was taken 2003 at Brooklands. And here's my current Lonsdale.

I still have the hair.

Is there anything that has followed you or still veer towards, either music, styles or attitudes


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My musical taste was never easy to pigeonhole - apart from a goth* phase as a late teen. It's evolved over the years, but most things I liked when I was younger I still like.

Clothes have never been a big deal for me, though I wear Last Exit to Nowhere film-themed t-shirts almost all the time. Style has never been a big deal for me!

My attitudes/political views/beliefs (or lack thereof) are all very similar, though I have noticed I am a just that little bit more selfish in terms of the big picture than I used to be.

*Not only do I no longer have the hair, I no longer have any hair...

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The only reason why I started this subject is a couple of nights ago my daughter went to see Ed Sherran at Wembley stadium. Last night we had a discussion about her first 'live' experience. Then it gradually turned to modern music and I mentioned that music in the 70s and 80s was more tribal than today. She couldn't really understand the different trends and how they differed.



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