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Album Review - Kettel and Secede - When Can

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I started posting album reviews on the hi Fi section but not much comment, so I’d thought I’d post on here. I’m interested in posting reviews to get others to listen and comment and post reviews themselves to see if you can find great albums and share tastes, rather than the usual myriad of albums that get flashed around I thought if you wrote something about the album it might muster more interest. I’ll try and see how it goes.....

Kettel and Secede - When Can (2012)- ambient/chill out - 8/10

This album I really like as it works as an album. I suppose it’s loosely an ambient and chill out album, and will suit anyone who likes these genres, that is experimental or concept in nature but the tracks go in lots of different directions and have a different feel. It may not be the best album to post to appeal to varied tastes and for a first review but I suppose I’m posting it for those who like its genre, so here goes;

The first track has lots of atmosphere and then it goes into an ‘air’ esque track with slow baseline and delicate instruments and harmonies.

‘Admittance’ is good with these Gregorian monk chants, a bit like enigma mcmcx ad if you remember that one, but slower and more atmospheric. The next track is fun and quirky with the sampling of owls with a harpsichord melody, that sounds like it could fit in to a contemporary medieval film, maybe a theme in the holy grail monty python film. The use of instruments like the sitars on ringvanes, is wide. Some of these tracks like this one are more atmospheric and a bit of a mix mash of everything which just works like classical complex music. Not necessarily a melody but everything bunged in.

The tracks like missing time is all ‘soundscapey’ with harps and the next track goes a bit more like some orb stuff or future sound of London etc, very ambient, which wouldn’t hold water for me as individual tracks if the rest of the album was not so varied. A kind of interlude in the middle if you like.

When you get to the end it comes back to life and starts going all orchestral and smooth again with lovely melodic sampled vocals. I love the last 3 tracks. The trippey ‘full moon’ and then the gorgeous melody of ‘grandcan’ which is a synth melody with lots of accompanying harmonic synths and swirling sounds, somewhat introspective.

I really quite like this album. It’s well constructed, the musicians are clearly talented and it does its job in the genre and much more.

Electro on here recommended it to me so thanks again Electro. So if you like electronic music, you are into good ambient stuff, I think this will appeal. You definetely need to give it time, I didn’t get it until the second or third listen but it did somewhat captivate me to start as it sounds original and varied within the album, within the genre.