Sky HD - mixing Dolby Digital with ordinary stereo audio?


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Aug 10, 2019
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I am a in the planning stages of setting up my new home system.

I intend to have Sky HD in the living room, hooked up to an all in one home cinema box (Panasonic BTT370) via TOSLink for Dolby Digital sound as I have read Sky HD only sends stereo via HDMI. I am planning to route the HDMI from the Sky box through the home cinema rather than directly to the TV (the all in one box supports HDMI passthrough on standby), then use a HDMI splitter between the all in one and the TV to supply another set in the bedroom via a boosted HDMI cable. That way I will be able to use the bluray etc from the all in one in the bedroom.

My question is will the stereo audio signal still be sent over the HDMI cable if the sky box is set to output audio via the TOSLink as I wouldn't want to use the home cinema all the time, plus I need to make sure I still can get audio via the standard TV speakers in the bedroom.



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