Sonos beam 2 fussy over playing Atmos


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Aug 22, 2020
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Hi. I have a Sonos Beam 2 connected via HDMI ARC to my Sony TV. Also connected by HDMI is a Sony 4K bluray player and Virgin Media TV360 box. I am struggling to get Atmos from the 4K player.

If I watch Atmos content through the Disney+ app on the Virgin box, the Beam will output Atmos (at least according to the Sonos app on my phone).

If I select the Atmos soundtrack on a 4K disc then the Sonos app says it is outputting DD5.1.

Thinking it might be the cables, I tried switching the HDMI cables at the source end but the same happens - Atmos for the Virgin box, DD5.1 from the 4K player.

As per the 4K player’s instructions, the audio settings are set to Auto for “Digital Audio Output” and the “BD Secondary Audio” setting to Off. I’ve tried a few different discs but ll do the same and downmix to DD5.1.

Anything I am missing?
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