Sonos Beam Gen 3 preview: 4 things we want from the next budget Dolby Atmos soundbar


May 26, 2024
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I’ve been shopping for a sound bar, for the last few days. I’m not the type to jump in and just spend. So I have it narrowed down to 3 or 4 options. First is Sony HT-a3000 I like this option for the same reasons I like the others. The optional satellite speakers. I like Sony because the cost for two of their premium satellites is $500 vs others at $500 or more each. But I like Sonos because the voice assistant could be useful, though I wish it had Siri enabled. I use iPhone so it would be nice to be able to set an alarm on my phone and have it play through my soundbar. Maybe that’s already possible, I’m just not yet aware of it. And one more thing I also lean to Sony about is the DTS:X. I love my music and movies, but DTS:X is the best option for music and Sonos Beam gen 2 doesn’t have it. Can't do Bose, I don't like their options and features as much. Samsung is winning my goal with my system in mind though for the newest generation, I will have to spend the extra $500 and all I can really see gaining from that is the HDMI 4k @ 120hz and that in my mind isn't worth it. Not $500 worth it at least.

So, within the next 6-9 months I will most likely be buying a soundbar and I’ll hope for a Sonos beam gen 3 with Siri and DTS:X. Maybe a little better price on the satellites as well. Samsung offers everything I think I need, though I've been spent a lot of money on Samsung products over the years. I like to shop for other brands, to expand my horizons. I just hope they can provide the quality these bigger name companies do, within reasonable price ranges. I mean if I get the Samsing HW Q990D I'll get a 11 channel system, with 2 rear speaker and sub wolfer. That's a good deal when discounted for $1,600. But say Sonos Beam Gen 3 offered a more upgradable system, allowing for up to 4 satellites, with different breed of directional options would make them appealing. Maybe up firing on some soundbar speakers and then adding the up firing to a breed on satellites, could give them the edge they need. I hear good things about their current line up, though a lot of people want a little more. And if Sonos makes that little more for them, then it would be nice to have the option to buy them and connect them, without having to replace something. Finally, I don't expect this kind of thing would happen crossing generations, though allow 2 Beams to be connected front and back to expand the functional channels from 7 to 9 or 11 or even 13 allowing people to buy the up firing speaks and add them to their current system (New soundbar maybe required, to add more than 2 speakers to the system).
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